Suffering and Tragedy

The image of parents and siblings standing outside an elementary school destroyed by a tornado, wondering if the children will be rescued alive–struck me deeply last night. It is so very hard to really look at tragedy.

Growing up reading the Bible, I was often struck with so many tragic stories mixed into a storyline that also gave me tremendous hope.  For me, I resonate so much with the book of Ecclesiastes, and the phrase “there is a time and a season.” Right now is a season of grief, anger, and sadness. I don’t want to consider all this darkness, but I also do see there is a season of happiness and rejoicing. For me, right now, it seems too readily available to find the darkness, but I do consider the joy and remarkable beauty in this life as well. To weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice, it is all a part of our fragile existence—I desire to know the bitter as well as the sweet and today it really hurts to do that.

I also cannot fathom what this must be like for those closer to all of these tragedies, and for my fellow counselors coming along side the survivors, I pray both survivor and helper will walk courageously together and find relief as they both look for support.

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