It’s NOT all about me!

How do you make your partner feel?

We are typically eager to declare how our partners make us feel, but do you ever think about how you make him/her feel?

Consider today ways you can encourage, inspire, support, or show admiration to your partner.

Some ideas:

  • Send him a sweet text (not followed by a “honey can you pick up milk on your way home or remember to take the trash out, etc” )
  • Tell her how much she means to you.
  • Be there when he gets home and be more interested in his day than yours.
  • Turn towards her when she speaks and respond to what she says.
  • Think about all he’s accomplished in life and praise him for it.
  • Give her an affectionate/non-sexual touch and tell her how lovely she is.

Do you know the answer to how you make your partner feel? If not, ask, and if  you think you do know, ask again!

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