But he (God) said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Cor 12:9
Life is full of choices that often aren’t as clear as right and wrong. How do people make decisions? It seems we base our decisions on our most basic human nature, what we want. We don’t always feel that this is the case, especially if a choice is made with another person’s wants in mind. Even then, we may aim to feel good about making someone else feel good—a decision based on our own needs.
How can we make decisions that are genuine and pure? It helps to take a look at what our hearts are truly concerned about. As Christians, the greatest commandment to Love the Lord, is lived out through daily dependence on Him. It means our choices are laid at the feet of Jesus Christ, giving us the grace to live beyond our human nature. As brothers and sisters, the second commandment to love our neighbor as our self is lived out through the mercy we show one another, giving us the space to learn in our human nature how to love one another supernaturally.
When we seek to please another, we will often be internally conflicted. When we make a decision and lay it at the foot of the cross, we are not only dependent on and humbled by His grace, but also freed from all the voices and opinions related to our choices.
Today, are you battling with a decision? If so, can you take it to the cross? Release the emptiness of following a decision based solely in your human nature and embrace the Hope that comes from daily dependence on the Lord.
An Example:
Sally wanted to be at her 5 year old’s first ballet recital, her new job strongly encouraged her to attend a quarterly staff meeting, and her 10 year old was competing in the final championship soccer game of the year. She took it to the cross, admitting she wanted or felt she needed to be at all three, releasing her inability to do so, believing each situation was God’s not hers and made a choice to be at her 5 year old’s first ballet recital. Why? Well, she had reasons and desires, might have even leaned toward this decision in the beginning, or had some deep selfish reasons for doing so, but as she went before the Lord, she released the need to be superwoman or to understand every motive behind her choices and instead allow her dependency on God to break through those things that were basic human nature. She believed that God could point her in any direction He wanted her to be in and that He could meet the needs of each person or even of her own. She recognized that there may be “fallout” and that she may have to walk through a place of conflict with her work or her 10 year old. She believed that mercy was something she could show in these situations, even if they did not give it to her. She understood that we are all dependent on God and His grace is sufficient.

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