Tip Sheet for Emotional Regulation

Distract NOT Destruct

1. Pleasurable activity that you are not going to regret
2. Focus on someone else’s needs
3. Spend time reconnecting with God
4. Get outside
5. Exercise

Other Feeling

1. What else could you be or are you feeling
2. What thoughts accompany the other feeling(s)
3. Is there a less exaggerated descriptor for the feeling
4. Are you allowing God to meet you at your feeling

Accept NOT Avoid

1. Don’t run, sit with it for a time
2. Remind yourself that you can tolerate the feeling
3. Remember a time when you felt this and when it left
4. Has God shown you a pattern of this feeling in your life?

Other Thoughts

1. What are you thinking?
2. What else could you be thinking?
3. Have your thoughts worsened the feeling?
4. What are God’s thoughts—read scripture, devotions, and journal entries


1. Write to God about your feeling
2. Prayer through writing
3. Say on paper what your voice can’t
4. Imagine in writing another scenario

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