Tip Sheet for Preparing for Marriage

Keeping Marriage Strong is a guide for couples preparing for marriage. Married couples will find helpful tips here as well.

Keeping Marriage Strong

Open Communication

Daily attention to relationship and sharing of personal stressors

Discuss dreams and learn how to support each other when dreams are different.

Create a culture of praise

Acceptance and Increased Understanding

Keep a daily reminder of fondness and admiration for your partner

Listen without judgment and clarify with intent to understand

Stay humble; remember the grace that has been given to you

Grow in understanding of and relationship with God

Read the Bible, commentaries, devotions together

Attend a church and/or small group (life group)

Pray together

Personal Responsibility and Dependency on God

Don’t Blame!

Look at what you can do to change first.

Identify what you desire more of from your partner and share this with God before you go to your partner.

Recognize the ways God meets your needs and how you can support your partner’s needs.

Keep the Relationship Unique

No other relationship shares the type of emotional, spiritual or physical intimacy that is found in your marriage.

Don’t allow for possible temptation—being alone with the opposite sex, sharing with another (other than professional counselor) privately about problems within your marriage or feelings you are developing for another person, believing that you are stronger than you really are, keeping secrets about other relationships from your partner, flirting with or seeking attention from another person–discuss other scenarios with your partner where temptation could sneak up on you.

Develop a “We” identity—best accomplished when each partner has a good understanding of self and their relationship with God and is willing to bring this to the marriage to form a joint meaning and purpose in life.

Keep the Marriage Pure and Passionate

Talk about sexual intimacy in your relationship.

Seek help when problems arise—through prayer, reading and medical advice when necessary.

Be committed to sexual intimacy inside of marriage—abstaining from premarital sex strengthens your commitment to one another to keep sex inside your marriage and to keep faithful to one another as God has commanded in saying to not commit adultery.

Prepare for sexual intimacy as you approach marriage, Sex 101 by Clifford and Joyce Penner is a quick read and helpful source for couples to read alone and together. The guidelines in this book are not only for inexperienced but also provide information for all couples in preparing and helping you to understand your partner’s needs as well. Couples wanting to have a healthy start to their married sexual life together can benefit from an open and honest discussion of sex and expectations for their newlywed season.

Don’t dwell on past relationships, yours or your partner’s.

Remove and/or don’t allow pornography to be a part of your life.

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