Welcome! At the Counseling Center for Living Well, helping individuals, couples, and families to live well as they go through a number of life’s struggles and transitions, is my mission. The concept of Living Well, comes from an ancient story of a Samaritan woman and a Jewish man who met at a well. The man asks the woman for a drink from the well. Puzzled, she questions why he’d cross the cultural boundaries separating Jews and Samaritans. As the conversation continues, the man not only reveals details about her life, past and present, but boldly states that if she had known him, she’d be asking him for a drink of living water and thus thirst no more. A revived hope emerges and she eagerly proclaims to anyone who will listen, “Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Christ?”.
This true story, told in John chapter 4 of the Bible, crosses cultural boundaries, reveals social taboos and moral failures, and more significantly explores the struggle to be known by someone who offers much more than a temporary thirst quencher. At Counseling Center for Living Well, the client and the counselor journey through recovery and growth as we discover hidden truths and painful stories, centrally trusting that the Man in this ancient story knows you well and has much more to offer than a thirst quencher.
Professional counseling addresses the needs common to all; acknowledging for example that we all need water to live. Some clients come in weary from life stressors, wanting relief from constant worry, a lift from the burden of depression, understanding from their partner, or preparation for two becoming one. Professional counselors are trained to help in these and other areas essential to daily living.
Christian counseling further addresses the desires of the heart, at a deeper level of intimacy as it relates to the client’s relationship with God and eternal joy of a life lived well! We take a look at the needs presented and work together to experience more, the more Christ talks about as Living Water. We acknowledge that even as growth and recovery occur, thirst returns. There is hope in a temporary need met, through this work, and life in an eternal need revealed, through the work of Christ.
These blogs are about thoughts on Living Well and current services at the counseling center. Comments are welcome, but will be moderated depending on appropriateness for this blog. It is imperative to indicate that this blog is not intended as a counseling relationship, for counseling advice or to provide any means of professional guidance or services. If interested in counseling services, please contact Christina L. Russell, LPC, NCC through the Counseling Center for Living Well at (210) 490-9106 or visit the website: www.counselingcenterforlivingwell.com.

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